Here at St. Kolbe-Puckett Center for Healing, we provide innovative outpatient medical treatment with the knowledge that facing addiction is difficult, and doing so without medical guidance or medication assistance often leads to lower success rates and higher rates of relapse.

We use a whole-patient approach that offers office-based, medication-assisted treatment and counseling that treats addiction.


We’re a nonprofit clinic in St. Joseph, Missouri dedicated to helping people facing addiction to drugs and alcohol find sustained recovery and holistic healing. Our main goal is to not turn anyone away who’s seeking recovery.


We know that no single approach to addiction treatment is right for everyone. We identify the unique qualities in anyone seeking recovery and help connect them with individuals and organizations in our community who can work together to make their goal of recovery a success.

We take this approach from the power of our namesakes, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and young Mark Puckett, whose lives were lost to prevent others who would otherwise continue to suffer.  We exist to meet the needs of any person seeking treatment from addiction.

“When you lose your loved one, there’s nothing like it. When you watch your grandchildren go to a coffin and see their father deceased, or their mother, it’s not a good thing, they’re not coming back. We have to do something to stop it.”



St. Kolbe-Puckett Center for Healing was started to meet the needs of underserved Missouri communities dealing with opioid addiction. 


Co-Founder and Medical Director

Dustin Smith, M.D., is board certified in Emergency Medicine and has dedicated his life to helping others. After graduating from medical school, he completed his residency in Texas and spent time abroad practicing medicine. He then moved to St. Joseph where he began working at Mosaic as an attending physician and assistant director. Dustin is a St. Louis native and uses telemedicine to treat patients. He is married to his wife, Stacy, and they have three sons, Sebastian, Lincoln, and Summit.



Mark is a business owner in St. Joseph. He was motivated to open the St. Kolbe-Puckett Center for Healing by his own son’s death from an overdose. Mark’s primary motivation is that he doesn’t want to see another parent go through what he went through.


We have an experienced staff of physicians, nurses, and credentialed counselors, each with years of experience in chemical dependency treatment.


Certified Peer Specialist

Angela’s role is to empower people to achieve their hopes, dreams, and goals, and connect them with their personal recovery journey. Angela says of her work: “This is the most rewarding journey. I love helping my peers reach their recovery goals and removing any barriers that would hinder them in their recovery.”


Licensed Practical Nurse

Hayley works to help individuals progress, help them adjust to life without drugs and teach individuals how to maintain sobriety. Hayley says about her role: “Addiction is a treatable disease and recovery changes everything for the addict, society, family, friends and everyone they have a connection with. I pray when they leave after their visit, they have an idea of the value of their life and the hole it would leave if they weren’t there.”


Licensed Professional Counselor

Sandy specializes in Alcohol and Drug counseling and Trauma. She has spent years working with adults and juveniles released from prison, helping them to re-enter their communities. Sandy teaches classes that help anyone struggling with addiction to find lasting recovery. Sandy says: “St. Kolbe-Puckett offers a different concept — a concept where people walk in the door because they want help. What they find is a staff who truly care about them as a person and care about their recovery. To sum up — there is never a dull moment, people walk in broken and leave with a smile.”


Medical Doctor

Dr. Corder is a practicing OB/GYN in St. Joseph and received his license this year to prescribe medications for opioid addiction. He is an active member of the Buchanan County Medical Society and is active in the community, involved in other nonprofit organizations. Dr. Corder says: ``I just want to make a difference in people's lives and help them get back on track.``


The individuals who make up our board are not only members of the medical community, but also includes those who have successfully recovered from their own addiction, and family members who have been witness to this medical disease.

We collaborate with other community organizations to help those facing the challenge of addiction gather knowledge and skills. The patients we treat receive addiction education, financial planning, housing, stress reduction, physical health, family planning, and spiritual guidance.